A dictionary and guide to the city, country, river game

On our site you will find tips and charts for the most popular city-state game categories, as well as lesser-known and less-used categories. If you are a fan of this game, you like geography or you want to learn more about the world around us, we invite you to explore the various categories.

Over time, there will be more and more of them, the most basic ones will be created first, and then more and more niche ones. If you have an idea for a new category, let us know in the comments, and a few days later you will find it on our website. Any comments as to the functionality and appearance of the website are also appreciated.

Countries, cities, rivers, mountains…

And that’s not all, because there are many more categories. If you like to diversify the classic gameplay, we think that you will be satisfied with what you find here. In addition to classic categories, we also have here such as capitals, professions and islands. Each category contains links to sub-categories that group each letter together, so for example you will find countries in o and cities in a.

Everything is divided into convenient-to-use lists, so you don’t have to search for long answers to your questions. And if you are trying to cheat (which we do not recommend) you probably want to find an answer as soon as possible, because time is pressing.

We encourage you to read the proposals we have prepared before the game, so that it is fair, then the victory tastes best.

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